Puppy Preschool


Our puppy preschool is specifically designed for pups eight to twelve weeks of age. This is an important age for puppies to experience new situations and experiences, and will help in setting them up for a great life.

The puppy will learn a few basic commands; sit, come and down and also how to interact with others in a fun and safe way. Puppy will also learn how to be confident in new situations and to be accepting toward new people and other dogs.

You will learn how to look after your new puppy; vaccinating, flea control, worming and nutrition are all covered , as well as the all important house training! We also go over common poisons that your puppy may come across and how to stop unwanted behaviors – such as mouthing, biting and barking.

Classes run for four consecutive weeks and on completion you will receive a graduation certificate and a gift.

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