About Us

Our Passion

We have motivated team members who see their place of work as their passion, not their job or duty. Although we are a business, the welfare of our patients always comes first.

Work finishes only when the job is done.

As a dedicated team offering multiple areas of special interest, we provide compassionate and individualised care for all creatures whether furry, feathery, scaly, hairless, legless, 2 legs, 4 legs or multiple legs!

We acknowledge the special human animal bond, not only forming a relationship with the animals under our care, but their owners as well.

From companion animals to production and sport animals, we provide an all-encompassing approach in caring for our patients.

We have a very low staff turnover; therefore our team is stronger both in support for each other and knowledge.

Our front of house staff are continually updated with product information.

They are friendly, helpful and take great pride in their customer service; they listen and determine the nature of any query and provide all necessary information.

Our nurses give invaluable advice to owners, who may be distressed, and the care they give our hospitalized patients is of high standard and compassion.

Our trained nurses offer a puppy pre-school class, held one night a week.

This gives pet owners the correct tools to raise a loved animal and gives the puppy a chance to socialise.

Our Clinic

Unlike many Veterinary Clinics our clinic allows access for our clients.

We have nothing to hide behind our doors, and believe our clients feel more relaxed and assured when they can see were their family members will be for the day.

Our hospital rooms are clean, warm and monitored throughout the day, making sure all patients are happy and comfortable.

Our phone line is open and we send txt messages to our clients to let them know how their loved ones are.

We always have a qualified veterinary nurse on hand to answer animal health queries and we are always able to converse with our experienced vets.

We manage our clinic in a way that minimises client/patient waiting time; in fact our goal is zero waiting; our on-farm calls are answered promptly and a visit is organized as quickly as possible.